Sub Lumen, as an organisation is currently in a state of hibernation. With the start of 2003 not far away, with enough interest there is the potential for the group to rise again.

Effectively, the objective of Sub Lumen was to promote electronic music and culture. At the time of inception in 1994, electronic and dance music was far from the prevalency we see today.

Notwithstanding this, the amount of commercialised dance music that surrounds us is enormous, and with the efforts of other groups, we aim to provide electronic music that is made for the sole purpose of making your toes tap, your hips wiggle, and making your mind think.

The mailing list is still in operation. It is a closed list, which means that not anyone can subscribe to it. The list is primarily for members of Sub Lumen only. Furthermore, it is a low volume list with anywhere from 5 to 20 emails per week.

To request subscription to the list, or to change or remove your subscription send email to with either subscribe sublumen or unsubscribe sublumen in the body. To post a message to the list send it to

Sub Lumen, the magazine was nominated for "Best Local Street Magazine" in the 2nd South Australian Dance Music Industry Awards. The awards took place on March 24th, 1997 with Rip It Up/Onion taking the aforementioned award. In our eyes it was a damn good effort considering the reach of Rip It Up was 200 times greater.

Over the years, Sub Lumen has put together events which have seen the talents of local and international DJs. Artists such as Southern Outpost's Patrick H.A.F., and Kazu Kimura have shown their wares, alongside such DJs like Jason Martin, Royal, CJP and T-Com amongst others.

Furthermore, Sub Lumen has also worked with other syndicates such as AdRave to put on shows like Interdependance.

We would like to thank past and present members, and those who have aided the cause. Special thanks goes out to founder Greg Bowering, and the inaugural comittee of Benn Glazier, Craig Patten, Jason Martin, Barrie Treloar and Andrew Burrow. Further thanks to Mat Farrington, Scott Marshall, Graham Wilson and any other names we have ommitted.

We would also like to thanks the likes of Underground Resistance, Planet E Recordings, Transmat, Juice Records, 7th City and Djax-Up-Beats for pushing us in the right direction. Furthermore we'd like to thank our likeminded friends at TechnoTourist and Southern Outpost

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